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Security Products

In addition to looking stylish and aesthetic, your home and businesses also needs protection from the weather and intruders.

Browse our high-quality security products below.


Panther Protect Security Products

Panther Protect understands just how important safety and security are to Australian families and business owners, which is why we only supply the very best products utilising our industry-leading systems. Using the highest-quality materials and latest manufacturing techniques, all Panther Protect security doors, windows, and escape screens are custom-built by Panther Global and made to measure to suit your exact requirements. Panther Protect is smarter, stronger, safer, and proudly Australian. SMARTER – Panther Protect has revolutionised fixing security mesh into the frames without the need for screws, rivets, or clams. With the patented Load Locking Leg, The Panther Max 316 mesh locks in tighter with every impact. The edge of the mesh follows the angle of the Load Locking Leg, and when there is an impact, the leg will sacrifice itself and bend with the forces applied to create a powerful jamming effect within the frame. STRONGER – The Panther Protect innovation ensures the product is not compromised in its performance, as the entire perimeter of the mesh is captured without any mechanical fixing. Our no-screw technology provides unmatched strength due to not having screws or holes perforating and compromising the mesh. SAFER – Panther Protects’ simplified design creates superior strength with the “Load Locking Leg” performance that is unmatched in the market. You can now rest easy knowing their Panther Protect security doors and windows are not only SMARTER, STRONGER and SAFER but also more affordable due to innovative design. Panther Protect Sliding Doors Due to the Panther Protect “load locking leg” system, these strong sliding doors offer superior strength. Combined with optimised visibility 316 Stainless Steel mesh and silky-smooth operation, Panther Protect Sliding doors provide superior security with a view of the large entry points of a home or commercial building. The versatility of the Panther Protect system allows a wide range of installation options that are adaptable to most applications, such as full patio enclosures. Panther Protect Hinged Doors The front entry door is the focal point of a home’s exterior first impressions count and a Panther Protect front door will certainly make a statement. The self-styled extruded profile enhances visual appeal and retains maximum visibility without compromising on safety. The combination of quality triple locks, triple hinges and the Panther Protect “load locking leg” system ensures maximum protection whether a single door or a double French door. Panther Protect Fire Escape The unique design of the Panther Protect Fire Escape allows for single-handed keyless operation. With a quick push of the one-touch lock, an immediate exit point can be made. The Panther fire escape incorporates the Panther Protect “load Locking” system and retains all the safety features of the Panther Protect range. Panther Protect Window Security Screens Maximum safety for every room and with unobstructed views. With a voice of 9mm or 11mm frame sizes that fit most domestic windows, Panther Protect Window Screens provide total peace of mind. There is also a face fit option should you need an alternative fitting method. Whilst the primary purpose is to protect your property from home invasion, Panther Protect Window Screens also serve as a fall prevention safety screen for all occupants. Panther Protect Window Screens are child-safe and eliminate the possibility of a child removing screens in multi-storey dwellings.


Security Doors & Screens

We custom-make and install security doors and screens in a variety of designs, shapes, and colours to fit your exact requirements. Highly durable and stylish, our security products have superior strength and stand the test of time, no matter what you throw at them—literally.


Roller Shutters

Whether you have a home or shopfront, The Blind Man can provide roller shutters that protect your premises against harsh weather, intruders, and stray objects and offer complete privacy. They harness thermal insulation, enhance security and add significant value to your home or business. Our affordable and highly effective shutters can help you reduce your power bills and carbon footprint.

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