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Auto Guide Awnings add stylish and affordable privacy and sun protection to your windows. Enjoy backyard BBQs without worrying about the weather raining on your parties.

The perfect solution to block out the sun, auto awnings have guide tracks that allow you to effortlessly slide your awning up or down into any position, adjusting it all the way down to avoid the hot summer sun or raising it to let in some winter light. As the awnings can be angled downwards, they can provide privacy to your home if your window faces a street.


Auto awnings are the perfect solution for tackling the unpredictable Adelaidean weather, which can swing from hot to heavy rain in the blink of an eye. Be it rainy or sunny; you can rest assured that our auto guide awnings will provide comfortable outdoor areas.

All our blinds are available in a variety of sizes, colours and designs that can be customised to suit your windows.



  • Suitable for different weathers

  • Simple operation to lock awning

  • Easy maintenance

  • Prevent furniture from fading

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