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Venetian Blinds


Timber Venetians
Timber Venetians provide a natural look to suit a variety of homes.
Available in a range of colours in either 50mm or 63mm wide slats.


Cedar Venetians
Cedar Venetians come in either 46mm or 60mm wide slats and are available with a stained finish in either light to medium or medium to dark shades. 


PVC Venetians
PVC Venetians are a fantastic alternative to natural wood. They are ideal for high humidity areas, such as bathrooms. The slats are washable and come in 50mm or 63mm wide slats. 


Aluminium Venetians
Aluminium Venetians come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Our selection of Aluminium Venetians offers a durable, functional, and stylish option for any home. 
Aluminium Venetians come in the following sizes:
Classic – 50mm slats
Slimline – 25mm slats
Micro – 16mm slats

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