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Cellular Blinds

Cellular Blind 2.JPG

Available in translucent polyester or “metallised” blackout fabrics, Cellular Blinds are great for blocking out the light, heat & cold.

Light filtering cellular blinds provide filtered light and privacy.


Blockout Blinds provides protection from the sun and UV rays.


The distinctive honeycomb pleat creates air pockets which act as insulators. This helps to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.


The white reflective backing reflects external solar heat, aiding to the insulation qualities.


Benefits of Cellular Blinds:
•    May help to reduce energy bills:
•    The most efficient indoor blind for heat & light control.
•    Provide gently filtered light without sacrificing your privacy.
•    Great Range of colours
•    Safety chords


Select from a large range of fashionable colours in a lightweight, 100% polyester fabric.
This revolutionary anti-static material repels dust and dirt.


A tensioning device is installed with all chain controls to enhance your child’s safety.

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